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10-03-2008 22:36:41

[10.03.2008] SubHuman a remport un IGN Award

Je vous annonce avec un peu de retard, que SubHuman a remport un IGN Award pour le meilleur album lectronique de l'anne 2007.

Recoil's 'subHuman' album recently won the IGN award for 'Best Electronic Album of 2007'.

IGN quote: "The result ['subHuman'] is a mutated expansion of blues, folk and electronic music that is rendered in a mesmerizing and progressive manner. To wit none of the tracks on the album are shorter than 7 minutes in length."

IGN (Imagine Games Network) is a multimedia news & reviews website that focuses heavily on video games. It claims to be one of the top 200 most-visited sites on the net.

We have to admit, we didn't know much about IGN but we have received so much feedback about this that we reckon it must be quite an influential site...


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11-03-2008 08:54:09

Re: [10.03.2008] SubHuman a remport un IGN Award

Et a n'est que justice.
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11-03-2008 22:01:28

Re: [10.03.2008] SubHuman a remport un IGN Award

Bien mrit!   tongue
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21-04-2009 01:10:26

Re: [10.03.2008] SubHuman a remport un IGN Award

petit cadeau au fans de Allan

I was born with the wrong sign ( je suis n sous un mauvais signe )
In the wrong house ( dans la mauvaise maison)....
.....I took the wrong road ( j'avais pris la mauvaise route)... (extrait de Wrong 2009)
mais me voici parmi vous !!! "Long Life To DePeChE mOdE"
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